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I’m trying to retrieve Wikipedia pages based on the "official website" specified on them, but preferably without going and building a complete index of Wikipedia. If I query DBpedia using:

   ?s foaf:homepage <http://www.nytimes.com>

I get the desired result, but there are several issues when trying to make this work in general:

  1. foaf:homepage is mostly not set.

  2. I couldn’t find a query-able propery that maps to "official website". In some cases, a query based on dbpedia-owl:wikiPageExternalLink works, but of course in others you get a list of pages that happen to have this page as a link.

  3. URLs take various forms - www.example.com, www.example.com/, www.example.com/index.html, etc. and I couldn't figure out an efficient way to query based on a regular expression or even on STRSTARTS - seems like it always involves producing a huge query result and then filtering.

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You are hitting on the fact that a lot of data in DBPedia is somewhat incomplete or poorly formatted. This is more or less unavoidable since its source material is the same way. For example, foaf:homepage is sometimes missing, but that is likely because in the source Wikipedia page that same info is missing. That being said, sometimes the crawling tools the DBPedia folks use misses a trick - if you think it's doing something wrong in converting Wikipedia data to RDF let them know directly and they can adjust their crawler.

Other than that, your question is a bit too broad to answer, really. foaf:homepage is the property used for the official website for a given topic. Where it's not set you simply don't know what the official site is. dbpedia-owl:wikiPageExternalLink is a general link for any external resource that is referenced by the wiki article - so it's not just the official website.

As for the formatting - I have yet to see this, most links I encountered while browsing are fully formed URLs. If you want us to answer that you'll have to edit your question to include some concrete examples.

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Thank you, I was assuming as much. I realize that dbpedia-owl:wikiPageExternalLink does not guarantee that a page is the "official" homepage, but it is used in many cases where foaf:homepage would have been appropriate. With regards to URL formatting, I do not mean that the URLs are ill-formatted, but that there is no way to predict whether the URL path with or without leading www. , with or without trailing /, with or without trailing index.html will be used, necessitating multiple queries. – Erwin Jul 7 '14 at 1:46

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