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I was given a TomTom satellite navigation device (XL 30) for Christmas and I've been wondering recently if it is possible to use it as a location sensor for my own programs on my (Windows 7) laptop.

Does anyone know if there is a published API which would allow me to do this? More specifically, how can I query it for my current location (latitude, longitude, and, if possible, altitude?)

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It sure looks like there is: http://www.opentom.org/

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+1 for the link -- it looks like a useful starting point. Unfortunately, the information there is pretty sketchy and it isn't all that easy to find your way round it. It also seems more concerned with writing code to run on the TomTom itself rather than making use of it from code running on your laptop. –  jammycakes Mar 17 '10 at 6:12
I definitely agree about the sketch factor. After a little more Googling (and some even more sketchy-looking sites, like ttncf.pp-p.com/lngstd/Info.htm), it looks like TomTom used to provide an SDK, but doesn't anymore. –  Matt Ball Mar 17 '10 at 13:37

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