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I have tried to create a file in override/classes named Mail.php and use the code below. I am trying to BCC all emails that are sent from the system to me - I basically want to see if emails are outgoing since some customers complain they don't get emails from us.

We're using Prestashop 1.5.0 and SMTP emails. I tried changing modesmtp from null to true but it didn't work neither.

I am testing this on my own order and would expect to receive email twice - normal one and bcced one. I get only the one.

class Mail extends MailCore
public static function Send($id_lang, $template, $subject, $template_vars, $to,
$to_name = null, $from = null, $from_name = null, $file_attachment = null, $mode_smtp = null, $template_path = _PS_MAIL_DIR_, $die = false, $id_shop = null)
// send to customer
$ret = parent::Send($id_lang, $template, $subject, $template_vars, $to, $to_name, $from, $from_name, $file_attachment, $mode_smtp, $template_path, $die, $id_shop);

// send to shop owner
parent::Send($id_lang, $template, $subject, $template_vars, "my@email.com -  I really put MY email here no worries", $to_name, $from, $from_name, $file_attachment, $mode_smtp, $template_path, $die, $id_shop);

return $ret;

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My temporary solution is edited classes/Mail.php and line of code $to_list->addBcc("myemail@myemail.com","Administrator"); I do not like to override these emails and I wish I knew how to do this properly :-) –  Skuta Jul 5 at 8:39
Did you remove cache/class_index.php to clear the cache after you added the override? –  yenshirak Jul 8 at 15:11
No, I only flushed cache from advanced settings and performance tab –  Skuta Jul 9 at 6:39
In PrestaShop that clears the autoload cache as well, but perhaps you should check class_index.php to make sure that the override is applied. –  yenshirak Jul 9 at 8:17

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