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I have a restaurant model and a waitingtime model. the relationship is one to many, everything is working , I am able to update, edit and delete

I can get all the waitingtimes for a specific restaurant like this

public function edit($id)
        $res = Restaurant::find(4);
        $allWaitingTimesForThisRestaurant = $res->waitingtimes()->get();

That gives me an array and I am happy with using it in my jquery when the page return.

My question

is there any way so I still able to get all the waitingtimes for a specific restuarant but without a specific waitingtime

for example, the input to the edit function is $id, and this $allWaitingTimesForThisRestaurant = $res->waitingtimes()->get(); returns an array of waitingtimes, so I need that array but without the waitingtime with the id=$id

can you help me please?

I feel that I didn't explain my problem well, if so kindly tell me to explain more.

many tnanks

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Do you want all WaitingTime for a particular restaurant except one with a given id? –  Patrick Reck Jul 5 at 10:36
@PatrickReck yes exactly. –  Anastasie Laurent Jul 5 at 10:40
help guys ...... –  Anastasie Laurent Jul 5 at 10:47
@PatrickReck no help please? –  Anastasie Laurent Jul 5 at 10:48
I just submitted an answer. You can see it below this comment –  Patrick Reck Jul 5 at 10:49

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Why not just use a regular where?

$res = Restaurant::find(4);
$allWaitingTimesForThisRestaurant = $res->waitingtimes()->where('id', '!=', $res)->get();

Edit: Also, see Hailwood's comment below for a good addendum.

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You should probably add a note about how the method ->waitingtimes() vs ->waitingtimes returns a query builder instance so you can use any methods on there. –  Hailwood Jul 5 at 11:00
Many thanks, it works, and I am sorry I am not able to upvote your answer because I don't have enough reputations –  Anastasie Laurent Jul 5 at 11:01

The easiest way using the least code, is by removing it after retrieving them all.

public function edit($id)
    $res = Restaurant::find(4);
    $allWaitingTimesForThisRestaurant = $res->waitingtimes()->get();

    foreach($allWaitingTimesForThisRestaurant as $restaurant) {
        if ($restaurant->id == $id) unset($restaurant);

As far as I remember, you will have to write the SQL on your own if you don't want to remove it afterwards.

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Many thanks for your help, but the other answer as better. I can't upvote your question because I don't have enough reputation, many thanks –  Anastasie Laurent Jul 5 at 11:01

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