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I'm trying to blit a list on to a surface in pygame, but the line prompts = contactFont.render(fields, True, (171,0,0)) causes the above error and I don't know why.

class AddPage(Page):


    def textInputs(self):
        fields = ["First Name:", "Last Name:", "Address:", "Mobile:", "Telephone:", "Email:"]
        contactFont = pygame.font.SysFont("trebuchet ms", 18)
        y = 20

        for i in fields:
            #Error here
            prompts = contactFont.render(fields, True, (171,0,0))
            self.intermediate2.blit(prompts, (5,y))
            pygame.draw.line(self.intermediate2, (0,0,0), (5, (y+20)), (320, (y+20)), 1)
            y += 30

I tried encoding the fields list into unicode using [x.encode('utf-8') for x in fields] but nothing happened, what gives?

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you probably meant for name in fields: render(name, ...) instead of fields. – qarma Jul 5 '14 at 11:58
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Font.render() takes a string as first argument, but you are passing in the whole fields list instead.

You wanted to pass in i, I think:

for i in fields:
    prompts = contactFont.render(i, True, (171,0,0))

I'd use a more descriptive name than i here though; perhaps field or prompt is a better choice.

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Whoopsie! Thank you very much. I will accept your answer in 10 mins. – RoyalSwish Jul 5 '14 at 10:46

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