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I'm trying to use %w with a string input at run time. When I run this program:

a = gets.chomp
puts %w(a).count

with the input 'hi how are you', the output is 1. %w(a).count doesn't replace a with the input string.

While %w(hi how are you).length is 4, %w(a) treats a as a single entity and its count value is 1.

How can I print the length 4 or any number for a string that is input at run time?

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Problem is %w('hi hello').size gives 2. But..s = gets.chomp and %W(#{str}).size gives 1. This is strange. Your one is giving correct result... %w(str) means simply ['str'].. %W does interpolation, but %w doesn't. But here interpolation trick didn't work. –  Arup Rakshit Jul 5 at 13:10

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You can use String#split.

For Example:

a = "hi how are you"
a.split(" ").size
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This code is not equivalent to what you would get if a string were expanded n %w. –  sawa Jul 5 at 14:22
Thanks for your answer. –  boddhisattva Jul 6 at 1:02

Although %W does interpolation (%w does not), it does not behave like a literal string with split. You can see an example in this blog post:

And I thought I was also aware of %W - which obviously would work just like %w except evaluating code inside. Except that's not what it does! %W[foo #{bar}] is not "foo #{bar}".split - it's ["foo", "#{bar}"]! And using a real parser of course, so you can use as many spaces inside that code block as you want.

system *%W[mongod --shardsvr --port #{port} --fork --dbpath #{data_dir}
--logappend --logpath #{logpath} --directoryperdb]

So in your case:

a = 'hi how are you'
# => ["hi how are you"]

So your count will still be 1.

The proper way to get 4 is to use split...

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Thanks for your answer and for some detailed explanation. I could search for the meaning of the word interpolation from this link. But I don't really have much idea on what does extrapolation mean, could you please share an example on this or point me to some documentation ? –  boddhisattva Jul 6 at 1:00
@boddhisattva interpolation, of course - I misworded my answer ... –  Uri Agassi Jul 6 at 6:00

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