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I've searched through stackoverflow for my answer, but unfortunatly i didn't find the answer that i want.

What i'm trying to do is switch layout per page by the choices of the user. What I've done is there's a columns in the database, which save the location of the templates.

The problem is that in cakephp $this->layout automatically using the Views/Layouts folder.

But to locate the package of the templates I need to look into the folders content in my project. So what I've tried is using the

App::uses('Folder', 'Utility');
App::uses('File', 'Utility');

The problem with these utilities are they only check the folders in the webroot. I can't switch to the Views/Layouts directory.

So my problem is while $this->layout is using the directory Views/Layout and the utilities only search through the webroot- folder, they will never reach each other.

|          Template               |
|          TemplatePath        |


public function getTemplates() {
    $res = $this->getDirectory('Templates');
    if ($res):
        $templatedir = array();
        foreach ($res[0] as $directory):

            $res1 = $this->getDirectory('Templates' . DS . $directory);

            $templatedir[$directory] = $this->_optionTemplates($res1[1]);


    return $templatedir;

public function getDirectory($dirname) {
    $Folder = new Folder('/'.$dirname);

    $check = $Folder->inPath(WWW_ROOT . $dirname . DS, true);
    if (!$check):
        return false;

    $dir = new Folder(WWW_ROOT . $dirname);
    return $dir->read();

private function _optionTemplates($directory) {
    $pattern = array(0 => '/.ctp/');
    if ($directory):
        $templatefiles = array();
        foreach ($directory as $file):
            $template = preg_replace($pattern, ' ', $file);
            $templatefiles[$template] = $template;
        return $templatefiles;
    return false;

Does someone has a suggestion for me how to solve this problem?

Either trying to switch the location of the $this->layout or switch the search location of the utilities will be fine. Other solution also welcome.

PS: sorry for my bad english.

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what is the problem when layout files resides in views/Layout ? – Rajeev Ranjan Jul 7 '14 at 7:51
I can't assign the layout per page than, because $this->layout use the folder views/layout. And I need somehow the locations of the custom-layouts to save to my database. I've tried to use the cakephp utilities, but they can't search through view/layout folder. – shaw kwok Jul 8 '14 at 13:29
Folder views/layout may contain many layout with different names its not necessary to have named may reference these layouts with $this->layout depending upon conditions. – Rajeev Ranjan Jul 8 '14 at 17:39

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