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I have developed a CMake-based compilation process for a Fortran application. The application consists of multiple module files placed in the current directory. I have also created a test directory called tst, which contains small programs testing important functions and subroutines from the application modules.

All is well, apart from the fact that I can not get Cmake to compile the test programs correctly. At the moment there is only one test program called tst_inter_s. It is compiled and an executable is produced, but instead of compiling the actual tst_inter_s Cmake seems to pick up the main project executable and compile it again. It is of the same size and contents as the main project file. Any help correcting the CMakeLists files would be appreciated. They are posted below.

CMakeLists.txt, main directory

# Minimum cmake version
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8)

# Project name
project(hsg_1d Fortran)

# Toolchain selection, possible arguments: Intel, gFortran
SET(Toolchain Intel)

# Compiler selection

# GNU compilers
if(${Toolchain} MATCHES gFortran)
  CMAKE_FORCE_Fortran_COMPILER(gfortran "gfortran")
endif(${Toolchain} MATCHES gFortran)

# Intel compilers
if(${Toolchain} MATCHES Intel)
  CMAKE_FORCE_Fortran_COMPILER(ifort "Intel Fortran Compiler")
  set(CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS "-fpp -heap-arrays -g -O0 -traceback -check bounds ${CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS}")

  CMAKE_FORCE_C_COMPILER(icc "Intel C Compiler")
  CMAKE_FORCE_CXX_COMPILER(icpc "Intel C++ Compiler")
endif(${Toolchain} MATCHES Intel)

# Test files
SET(tst_exec tst_inter_s)

# Source code files
SET(src gaussian.F90

# Test executables
ADD_EXECUTABLE(${tst_exec} ${src})

# Main executable

CMakeLists.txt, test directory

# Test files
SET(tst tst_inter_s.F90)

To generate standard Makefile for compilation I:

  1. create an empty build directory
  2. run cmake -G 'Unix Makefiles' .. from build
  3. type make to compile target and test executables
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Executables hsg_1d and tst_inter_s are identical, because they consist of the same source files ${src}

ADD_EXECUTABLE(${tst_exec} ${src})

Didn't you forget to add tst files to testing executable?

ADD_EXECUTABLE(${tst_exec} ${src} ${tst})

Also consider to move the ADD_EXECUTABLE(${tst_exec} ...) to test/CMakeLists.txt

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Test executables should depend on the same source files. This is their aim---to test parts of the source code modules. Adding ${tst} to ADD_EXECUTABLE(${tst_exec} ${src} ${tst}) did not solve the problem. Moving ADD_EXECUTABLE(${tst_exec} ${src} ${tst}) to tst/CMakeLists.txt results in an error: add_executable called with incorrect number of arguments. I assume this is the case because tst/CMakeLists.txt does not know the value of ${src}. – mabalenk Jul 6 '14 at 6:49
maybe because ${tst} is not defined in main CMakeLists.txt? Try to use MESSAGE command to debug what is inside ${tst} and ${src}. – Peter Jul 6 '14 at 7:52

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