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I can't solve a problem I'm having with the resizing of a menu. The code I'm going to post don't work on Chrome only.

Being a difficult situation to explain by words, I'll show you some screenshots of problem.

This is my menu looks at the opening:

enter image description here

When I resize the browser's window <=605px, the jQuery code remove the left floating, and so the items are put in column and centered. (sorry, I can't post more than 2 links)

When I resize it > 605 it should look like in the first image (and it actually works on i.e. and firefox), but on chrome it appears like this:

enter image description here

Here's the code.


<div id="containerMenu">

    <div id="menu">


            <a href="index.html"><li>HOME</li></a>
            <a href="wedding.html"><li>WEDDING</li></a>
            <a href="food.html"><li>FOOD</li></a>
            <a href="contatti.html"><li>CONTATTI</li></a>




CSS (only the usefull things):

#containerMenu {width:100%;

#menu {display:inline-block}

#menu li {float: left;}


    if($(window).innerWidth() <= 605) 
        $("li", $("#menu")).css("float","none")

        $("li", $("#menu")).css("float","left")

Of course I've the code to let it happen even if the window is not resized, but only opened with a width <= 605, but it's exactly the same of the one above, just without the .resize() event.

Can you help me to make this code compatible with google chrome?

Thank you, Stefano

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While you could handle this kind of thing with jQuery, it would be much much simpler to add a media query to your CSS. Something similar to

/* Your normal css */
#containerMenu {
#menu {
#menu li {
    float: left;

/* Media query */
@media (max-width: 605px) {
    #menu li {
        float: none;

This will work across all browsers seamlessly. What's going on behind the scenes here: You're telling the browser that you want the list items for the menu to be float: left. But after that, you're adding an exception with a max-width of 605px, ie if the browser window is 605px or less, you actually want the list items for the menu to be float: none. That's about my understanding of what you would like your JavaScript to do.

Media queries are one of the foundations for Responsive Web Design.

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