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I'm not sure whether this question seems to be valid for Others. But I need to understand regarding this to maximum extent.

Recently I faced several issues while connecting to SFTP server using Perl script in Unix server.

I was using Net::SFTP in Perl script to connect to client SFTP server for file transmission. All of a sudden I can't able to connect to client server using this module and was receiving error stating that "No matching CIPHER found".

Later I have connected using Net::SSH::Perl and could see successful connection. This experience created lot of queries in my mind and now I'm in confusion. I have searched in Google and was not clear with any of the articles/posts (May be I was not satisfied with the way how they explained)

  1. Will there be difference in CIPHER support for different Perl SSH modules?

  2. My query is that how come I can able to connect using different module to the same server?

  3. Each SSH module will be allocated to only some set of CIPHERS?

  4. Can't we make these CIPHERS in common for all the SSH related modules?

  5. What is the best SSH module in Perl that can handle maximum CIPHERS? Please give be a clear picture regarding this.

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Net::SFTP runs on top of Net::SSH::Perl. It does not implement the SSH protocol –  salva Jul 6 '14 at 7:47

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