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I have a very simple animation, were I have a tab at the side of the screen and if you click it, it will increase size. But it´s only working on IE, here is the code:

  $("#a-tab > *").focusin(function(){
  $("#a-tab > *").focusout(function(){

It has to be #a-tab > * because of the inside content

Were is the problema, how can I make it compatible with Chrome, Firefox, etc.

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jsfiddle.net ... ? –  mplungjan Jul 5 at 17:20
where's the html? –  charlietfl Jul 5 at 17:32
you whant the full HTML file? –  creptor4 Jul 6 at 1:11
the page is flores, just playing with the code in that page.... The side bar is the obvious google + thing :3 –  creptor4 Jul 6 at 1:32
I have already tried with the #("#a-tab > *").on('focusin', function() { not working. you will see that on the link I gave you –  creptor4 Jul 6 at 2:35

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