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I am new in laravel and php. I am developing a magazine site with laravel 4. I want to store home page in laravel cache . But In my homepage , there are many queries . Please see details below.:

My HomepageController index method:

public function index()
    return View::make('homepage');

My Query Helper Function which is used for post by category in my Homepage:

 public static function cat_post($category, $limit)
        $posts = Post::whereHas('categories', function($q) use ($category)
                $q->where('category_slug', 'like', $category);

            })->with('categories')->take($limit)->orderBy('created_at', 'DESC')->get();
        return $posts;

In My homepage.blade.php , I used this helper function many times. like below:

<?php $national = Helper::cat_post('national', 3); ?>

@foreach ($national as $post)
    {{ Helper::img_src($post) }}
    <h4><a href="{{ Helper::post_link($post) }}">{{ $post->title }}</a></h4>

Now i want to put homepage in cache and when new post created, then delete old homepage from cache and store new one.

Please help me. Is it possible ?????

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To store a value in cache you can use Laravel's Cache:

public function index()
    return Cache::rememberForever('homepageCache', function()
        return View::make('homepage');

This snipped tries to retrieve a cached version of View::make('homepage') and otherwise creates it.

Every time a post is created, updated or deleted you need to invalide your homepageCache:

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