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I'm trying to create a PieChart widget for use in GWT project using external javascript file. How I get class instance from external js library in native function GWT ?

    public class PieChart implements IsWidget{

    Canvas c;

    public PieChart() {
        c = Canvas.createIfSupported();



    private native void init(Element e) /*-{
            var data = [];
            var ctx = e.getContext("2d");
            var myNewChart = new Chart(ctx);
            myNewChart.Doughnut(data,{animateScale: true});

    private native void add(PieChartData p) /*-{
    var data = [{
        value: p.value,
        color: p.color,
        hightlight: p.hightlight,
        label: p.label

    myNewChart.addData(data); // <-- null

    public Widget asWidget() {
        return c;


I have a problem with adding value to the chart. Please help me. Thank you.

I want to create a class PieChart as a widget using the Canvas in GWT and to can use the chart. Using the class PieChart :

    AbsolutePanel panel = new AbsolutePanel();

    PieChart p = new PieChart();

Compiling a project - chart is displayed. I want to dynamically add data to the chart. I don't know what to do to initialize the object with native js and use it in other methods. A reference to the variable myNewChart displays error - NullPointer, because it myNewChart variable is not initialized.

I would in this way add data :

    AbsolutePanel panel = new AbsolutePanel();

    PieChart p = new PieChart();

I don't know how to do it ;/

Exactly want in GWT to create a class that I could use the charts, using external js file from this page:

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It might help if you could be specific about what problem you're having, such as what you expect to see vs what you're actually seeing. – Some Guy Jul 5 '14 at 21:51
I have added additional information. – Grzegorz S Jul 5 '14 at 22:22
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I guess the "// <-- null" is where you have the problem?!

Try keeping a reference to the created chart object.

Create a member in your class

JavaScriptObject myNewChart;

and init it in your init method by replacing

var myNewChart = new Chart(ctx);


this.@fully.q.p.n.PieChart::myNewChart = new Chart(ctx);
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I didn't know how keep a reference. It works. Thanks! – Grzegorz S Jul 7 '14 at 17:35

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