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I want get the language code of the device (en, es...) in my app written with Swift. How can get this?

I'm trying this:

  var preferredLanguages : NSLocale!
  let pre = preferredLanguages.displayNameForKey(NSLocaleIdentifier, value: preferredLanguages)

But this returns nil.


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I think you want this:

var pre = NSLocale.preferredLanguages()[0]

Your approach was returning nil because you were sending a message to a nil object:

var preferredLanguages : NSLocale!  // <- Here you never initialize it to anything
let pre = preferredLanguages.displayNameForKey(NSLocaleIdentifier, value: preferredLanguages)
//  ^^^ ... and so you send something to nil, which returns nil
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Great! This is the solution :) – user3739367 Jul 5 '14 at 22:52
to me return "en" everytime – Matte.Car Jan 29 at 9:47
Use let when possible - for example, pre here should be immutable. – Zorayr Apr 25 at 19:23
Also note, you used "!" which is the force-unwrap, which forces an unwrap, and thus bypasses the compiler error that you are trying to call a method for an uninitialized object. – Jay Imerman Sep 21 at 19:29

To get current language used in your app (different than preferred languages)


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