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I want to try and make a program that downloads images from the internet, and I have found a guide that uses Beautiful soup. I have heard of Beautiful Soup before, so I figured that I would try it out. My only issue is that I can't seem to find a version for Python 3. I went to their website, but I was unable to find a version that worked with Python 3.

Whenever I would run the setup.py file, I would get an error that was too quick to read, but it looked like it was saying syntax error. So I looked at the code and realized that there weren't any parenthesis in front or after strings that were supposed to be printed.

I have tried numerous different webpages and different searches, but was unable to find an answer.

I'm also sorry if this is not a question related to programming, if it is not, please leave a comment on this question and I will delete the question ASAP.

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From here: "I use Python 2.7 and Python 3.2 to develop Beautiful Soup, but it should work with other recent versions." –  MrAlias Jul 6 at 1:55
Have you tried pip install beautifulsoup4? It should work under Python 3.x –  DMan Jul 6 at 1:55
...also it installs fine with pip and imports just fine in all my python3.4.1 scripts. :) –  MrAlias Jul 6 at 1:56
it installs fine using pip, you probably downloaded a version for python2 –  Padraic Cunningham Jul 6 at 1:56
I'm sorry I"m so inexperienced, but this is my issue at the moment. When people are saying "pip install beautifulsoup4" I'm not sure where to run it. s5.postimg.org/d9byjulrb/Capture.png –  Kyle Me Jul 6 at 2:38

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BeautifulSoup4 installs fine with python3.

pip install beautifulsoup4

Make sure your version of pip is for python3!

pip -V
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