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A little while ago I created a class to deal with my LAN networking programs. I recently upgraded one of my laptops to windows 7 and relized that windows 7 (or at least the way I have it set up) only supports IPv6, but my desktop is still back in the Windows xp days, and only uses IPv4. The class I created uses the UdpClient class, and is currently setup to only work with IPv4.. Is there a way to modify my code to allow sending and receiving of IPv6 and IPv4 packets?? It would be hard to scrap the classes code, a lot of my programs rely on this class. I would like to keep the class as close to its original state, so I don't need to modify my older programs, only switch out the old class for the updated one.

Thanks for any and all help, Max


    using System.Net.Sockets;UdpClient tub = new UdpClient ();
    tub.Connect ( new IPEndPoint ( ToIP, ToPort ) );
    UdpState s = new UdpState ();
    s.client = tub;
    s.endpoint = new IPEndPoint ( ToIP, ToPort );

    tub.BeginSend ( data, data.Length, new AsyncCallback ( SendCallBack ),s);

    private void SendCallBack ( IAsyncResult result )
        UdpClient client = (UdpClient)( (UdpState)( result.AsyncState ) ).client;
        IPEndPoint endpoint = (IPEndPoint)( (UdpState)( result.AsyncState ) ).endpoint;
        client.EndSend ( result );


    UdpClient tub = new UdpClient (ReceivePort);

    UdpState s = new UdpState ();
    s.client = tub;
    s.endpoint = new IPEndPoint ( ReceiveIP, ReceivePort );
    s.callback = cb;
    tub.BeginReceive ( new AsyncCallback ( receivedPacket ), s );

    public void receivedPacket (IAsyncResult result)
        UdpClient client = (UdpClient)( (UdpState)( result.AsyncState ) ).client;
        IPEndPoint endpoint = (IPEndPoint)( (UdpState)( result.AsyncState ) ).endpoint;
        Byte[] receiveBytes = client.EndReceive ( result, ref endpoint );
        Packet ThePacket = new Packet ( receiveBytes );
        //Do what ever with the 'ThePacket' now
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I think this might help you:

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I saw that, I can't access the google book... – Ben Mar 17 '10 at 21:18
That answer also contains a link to which sort of does exactly what you want -- it starts a socket that can accept both IPv4 and IPv6 connections. – Ragesh Mar 18 '10 at 2:53

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