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I have a function that gets a string from a property in a C# class. If the field is identified as a field that contains a list of strings it is converted to a list with split else it just returns a string.

 def GetFieldValue(self, book, strFieldName):
     objReturn = getattr(book, strFieldName)
     if strFieldName in listFields:
         return objReturn.split(', ')
         return objReturn

I have another function that is designed to append a string to the returned value from that function depending on its type

def GetAppendedValue(self, book, strFieldName, strAppend):
    objReturn = GetFieldValue(book, strFieldName)
    if strFieldName in listFields:
        return objReturn.append(strAppend)*
        return objReturn + ' ' + strAppend*

Can someone help me figure out why the "*" lines produce a null/None value? The outcome is as expected in every case up until executing these lines

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return objReturn.append(strAppend)


return objReturn

Explanation: The function append() doesn't return anything.

As for why the line:

return objReturn + ' ' + strAppend

returns null, it probably doesn't - you just don't reach that line during execution. If you want to make sure, you can replace it with the following:

objReturn += ' ' + strAppend
print objReturn
return objReturn
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thanks I'm new at python and I'm still used to the C# practices, i would have never figured that out – user3097655 Jul 6 '14 at 4:28

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