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I have got the following in my sentry seeder:


use App\Models\User;

class SentrySeeder extends Seeder {

    public function run()

            'email'       => 'admin@admin.com',
            'password'    => "admin@admin.com",
            'first_name'  => 'Kamran',
            'last_name'   => 'Ahmed',
            'activated'   => 1,

            'email'       => 'user@user.com',
            'password'    => "user@user.com",
            'first_name'  => 'New',
            'last_name'   => 'User',
            'activated'   => 1,

            'name'        => 'Admin',
            'permissions' => array(
                'blog' => 1

            'name'        => 'Blogger',
            'permissions' => array(
                'blog.add' => 1,
                'blog.update' => 1,
                'blog.trash' => 1,
                'blog.remove' => 1

        // Assign user permissions
        $adminUser  = Sentry::getUserProvider()->findByLogin('admin@admin.com');
        $adminGroup = Sentry::getGroupProvider()->findByName('Admin');

        $normalUser  = Sentry::getUserProvider()->findByLogin('user@user.com');
        $normalGroup = Sentry::getGroupProvider()->findByName('Blogger');



As you can see, I have defined two groups Admin and Blogger. Admin has all the permissions defined by blog, while blogger can only blog.add, blog.update, blog.trash and blog.remove. In my post view, I have got a button called Delete Permanently for which I have used the permission blog.remove. I want to show this button only if Sentry::getUser()->hasAnyAccess(array('blog', 'blog.remove')):

@if (Sentry::getUser()->hasAnyAccess(array('blog', 'blog.remove')))
    <a class="btn btn-danger" href="{{URL::to('post/delete/' . $post->id)}}">Delete Permanently</a>

Now when I login using the admin@admin.com, it works fine that is remove button is shown as expected, because the admin has the access to blog permission. But, when I login using user@user.com, the button is not being shown. What is the reason that the button is not being shown although I have assigned the permission of blog.remove to user@user.com. Also I did a var_dump(..) and it's return false. Can any one please tell me what's wrong with my implementation? Why is the removal button not being shown for the user@user.com user?

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looking at your seeder, your only adding a user into the admin group, not the blogger group. –  Jeemusu Jul 6 '14 at 11:43

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In your seeder your not assigning the user to the blogger group.

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