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I'm doing a small tool that needs to connect to instagram through: https://instagram.com/accounts/login/ . I'm also using HttpUrlConnection to simulate the button click. However, the problem is that the actually "login" button doesn't have a name, so i cannot call it directly. I try to catch all the pagrams using the chunk of code below:

    Element loginform = doc.getElementById("login-form");
    Elements inputElements = loginform.getElementsByTag("input");
    List<String> paramList = new ArrayList<String>();
    for (Element inputElement : inputElements) {
        String key = inputElement.attr("name");
        String value = inputElement.attr("value");

        if (key.equals("username"))
            value = username;
        else if (key.equals("password"))
            value = password;

        paramList.add(key + "=" + URLEncoder.encode(value, "UTF-8"));

Unfortunately, it doesn't catch the name of the Login button so i cannot connect using that method. The query is:

Post parameters : csrfmiddlewaretoken=0c5e4ebfe76997de702f9d82da82c9da&username=user&password=pass&=Log+in Response code: 302

The last param is missing the key/value for Login so i cannot make a POST request completely.

Is it anyway that i can get the name of that login button or somehow i can simulate that login process?

Thank you so much

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