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I use resource controller in Laravel 4, as part of resource controller I must use PUT request method. it works fine for me when I have one form in the page.

the problem is that I divide my page to 3 peaces with 3 different forms. If I var_dump my data I with input::All() I get following results.

When I update form2 I get form2 data - this what I want!

But when I update again form1 for example I get data from form2 and form1.

When I update again form3 I get data from form2 + form1 + form3.

How can I get data only from the form I just updated? I tried to use Input::get('form1'); but it is not working for me.

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Instead of using different forms for different things. Think of using Ajax requests from your page etc to send the fields that you require on certain button clicks. This way then you know you should only receive the data you want.

Ajax Post Docs

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thanks, I already changed it, I use one form and send only specific section. the problem was that I don't clean my variable (the one I use to collect the data) – Dennis Jul 10 '14 at 6:11

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