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I have a network with N = 5 nodes. The probability that a new connection exit node "Ni" is:

P(N1) = P(N2) = P(N3) = P(N4) = P(N5) = 1/5

And the sum of all P(Ni) = 1.

which is a uniform distribution. I would like, nodes N3 and N5 had more chance to leave the rest. For example:

P(N1) = P(N2) = P(N4) = 2/15

P(N3) = P(N5) = 3/10

And the sum of all P(Ni) = 1.

The code I am using now is this:

nodes = 21;


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You might want to look at randsample

nodeSource = randsample(1:numel(P), numel(P), true, P)
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It works! Thank you. – navaeta Jul 6 '14 at 10:41

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