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I have a form that get some info such as firstname, lastname, email, address, zipcode, etc. . I wanna users fill this fields and pay money with a gatway(Payline).

My problem : When users pay money, field will be sent to payline gateway, but I need store fields data on a database, too.

what I have to do?

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Can you show us some code? It's all on how they set up the code. –  Idris Jul 6 at 12:25

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this will fulfill you need


  var alldata= $('#form_id").serializeArray();

        url: "any.php",/* create php page, store all serialize data in variable using $_POST['your field'] and perform sql query to save it on mysql */
        data: myData,
         alert("your all form data has been saved in mysql table");


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I created a project in which i stored data in a temp table first then redirected user to gatewat (Paypal) for payment. After successful payment they are redirected back to my success page and then i transfer the data from temp table to my main table on page load.
I created this in asp.net so can't help u much in php but u can implement this logic.

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Would You Please give the project ? –  HoseinBL Jul 6 at 12:40

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