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I'm trying to run this drag and drop API. When I try to run the dart file (with the dart editor) I get the following error:

could not start pub serve or connect to pub.

I'm not very familiar with dart. Where's my error?

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Either you have another service listening on port 8080 (there is an open issue to make the port pub serve is using configurable) or there is already a pub serve instance running (I had this occassionally, that pub serve kept running after DartEditor crashed).

If it is the later, end DartEditor and check in the TaskManger (Windows) if any Dart process is still running and kill all if any, and then start DartEditor and try again.

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Thanks @Gunter but I don't think that's the problem... while the API that I mentioned throws this error, this demo seems to work... I can't tell why, both codes aren't mine. –  Cheshie Jul 6 at 13:06
That's not an API that throws the error, the error is thrown when DartEditor tries to launch pub serve a web server which serves your page to the browser while developing, debugging and testing with Dartium. –  Günter Zöchbauer Jul 6 at 13:09

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