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I have a line collection added to a plot


How can I add a second line to such a plot with a secondary y-axis? I want to display more than just the line collection in the plot. The data is based on a pandas dataframe, if I just call plot with the column I'd like to have plotted the plot does show nothing at all.

fig, axes = plt.subplots()
points = np.array([x, y]).T.reshape(-1, 1, 2)
segments = np.concatenate([points[:-1], points[1:]], axis=1)
lc = LineCollection(segments, cmap=plt.get_cmap('copper'), norm=plt.Normalize(0, 10))
plt.xlim(min(x), max(x))
#plot a second line
df_resamplew1['diff_modulo'].plot(ax=axes, color='b', linewidth=2, label="Niederschlag mm/h")
_=plt.setp(axes.xaxis.get_majorticklabels(), rotation=45 )

Line collection without trying to plot a second line Line collection

Line Collection plus additional line Line Collection plus additional line




df_resamplew1['diff_modulo'].plot(ax=axes, color='b', linewidth=2, label="Niederschlag mm/h")

to the top of the codeblock renders the plot not completey useless but I still don't see what I want to see. If it is possible an even better solution than an additional line would be a bar plot together with the line collection.

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The secound plot looks like as if the axis were scaled way too far. What happens when you rescale it? –  haansn08 Jul 6 '14 at 15:41

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These additional lines will do:

ax2.bar(left=x, height=df.another, width=0.02)

Don't mix pandas.plot and matplotlib together when plotting time series, as they treat the date-time value differently. You can verify it by calling plt.xlim() both before and after the pandas.plot() call.

enter image description here

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