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I've got a an IEnumerable dynamic> which in turn has IDictionary string, object>. I've got a viewmodel property which is as follows:

        public IList<ShortCodeList> ShortCodeListCollection { get; set; }

I need a linq query to fill in the following method & is it somehow possible that I could make use of ProperyInfo to detect the properties of T so that I could place it as Dictionary object's key while assigning the values?

    private IList<T> FillIterativeInstance<T>(IEnumerable<dynamic> resultSet, IList<T> dataSet) where T : class, new()
        var data = resultSet.Select(x => new T
        return dataSet;

    FillIterativeInstance<T>(resultSet[0], dtoResultCollection.ShortCodeListCollection)
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I don't completely understand what you're looking for, but I suspect I can probably help once I do, if you still need it. Could you give, perhaps, an example input and what you'd expect out of it? –  Matthew Haugen Jul 18 '14 at 5:45

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