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Dear Everyone I am interested to perform kmeans clustering on a list of words with the distance measure being Leveshtein.

1) I know there are a lot of frameworks out there, including scipy and orange that has a kmeans implementation. However they all require some sort of vector as the data which doesn't really fit me.

2) I need a good clustering implementation. I looked at python-clustering and realize that it doesn't a) return the sum of all the distance to each centroid, and b) it doesn't have any sort of iteration limit or cut off which ensures the quality of the clustering. python-clustering and the clustering algorithm on daniweb doesn't really work for me.

Can someone find me a good lib? Google hasn't been my friend

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I would need exactly the same thing. Have you found anything since then? – Jabba Oct 31 '13 at 21:39

Yeah I think there isn't a good implementation to what I need.

I have some crazy requirements, like distance caching etc.

So i think i will just write my own lib and release it as GPLv3 soon.

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Any update on this? thx – Vajk Hermecz Apr 9 '14 at 14:30

Not really an answer to your specific question, but I recommend glancing at "Programming Collective Intelligence". At the end of each chapter, e.g., clustering, it wanders off into describing all the best reading on the subject.

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Maybe have a look at Weka. It is a Java library with some unsupervised learning implementations and nice visualization tools. It has been a while since I used it, not sure if it is great for a real production environment but defenitely a good starting point.

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