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I am new to COBOL programming. I am making changes to a COBOL program which manipulates threads.I have introduced a file in the program to read a set of parameters and use it in the program. But whenever I compile the program I get the following warning:-

*1237-W **Filehandling used with REENTRANT Directive

Now am I supposed to use the RENT option to compile this program? If so, then how should I compile using RENT option ie. the exact commands to be used. Please help.

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Q: What operating system are you running? Windows? Linux? Other? Q: Have you looked here Microfocus COBOL System Interface (Cob)? –  FoggyDay Jul 6 '14 at 20:16
It's originally tagged procobol. ProCOBOL is from Oracle. OP was a little coy with the full error-message reference. So, is it a COBOL marketed by Micro Focus, or is it ProCOBOL from Oracle (probably written by Micro Focus)? What do you mean by "manipulates threads"? The message would seem to be a Warning, have you tried executing the program? Is your program actually re-entrant? If so, and your file-handling is aware of that, you may be good to go (who knows?). –  Bill Woodger Jul 6 '14 at 22:44

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The error message number implies you are using Micro Focus COBOL, so depending on the platform you can do:


cob -C REENTRANT fred.cbl


cobol fred.cbl REENTRANT; cbllink fred.obj

or you can add the option to the actual source code itself eg:

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OP hasn't looked in since five minutes after posting the question. Did you see the comments on the question? Still, it's useful for the passerby with something similar anyway. –  Bill Woodger Aug 1 '14 at 19:04

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