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what is the syntax for the sendkey for rightarrow in .net?

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Methinks your google is broken? :) – Mitch Wheat Oct 29 '08 at 6:54
Mitch Wheat: Mwell... if you want people to google over to Stack Overflow then answer it yourself. ;P – Spoike Oct 29 '08 at 6:59
That's strange I thought I already had? – Mitch Wheat Oct 29 '08 at 7:07

Google is your friend.


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There are people who think pointing someone to Google is rude. Well, I'm not one of them. ;-) – Tomalak Oct 29 '08 at 7:48
A link to the actual Google search would be even better… And this page comes first! – John Ferguson Oct 29 '08 at 7:51
This site gets indexed by Google pretty fast. – sliderhouserules Oct 29 '08 at 7:54

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