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I created an AnchorPane which contains several small imageViews.

The imageViews inside the AnchorPane are positioned by the translateX() and translateY() function and saved for each entry.

After rotating the AnchorPane I need to recalculate the new positions for each imageView relative to the AnchorPane.

This is my code for placing the imageViews into the AnchorPane (working well). I have several MeepleIcons which extends imageViews and a possibleMeepleStack which extends AnchorPane.

for (MeeplePos pos : card.getPos()) {
    MeepleIcon placeholder;

    if (pos.getStandUp()) {
        placeholder = new MeepleIcon("images/MeepleEditorUp.png", FIELD_SIZE*ORG_MEEPLE_SIZE/ORG_CARD_SIZE)
    } else {
        placeholder = new MeepleIcon("images/MeepleEditorDown.png", FIELD_SIZE*ORG_MEEPLE_SIZE/ORG_CARD_SIZE)




This is my code to rotate the possibleMeepleStack (AnchorPane) (working well):

// Rotate meeples to card rotation

But now I need to get the new positions of each MeepleIcon (imageView). I tried to set the TranslateX() and TranslateY() after the setRotate function but it seems that the rotation does not affect the MeepleIcons (imageViews) positions.

How can I calculate the new positions?

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