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I'm trying to migrate some vba code that worked in prior versions of Excel but now isn't. After spending quite a bit of time with the code ( reading / fixing ), I've found one issue that I can't seem to get around.

The problem is that if I let the code run in the background any formatting I've done to the chart is lost when the chart is pasted into Word. If I run it while Excel is visible, the copy / paste works perfectly.

Below are the specific lines that both copy and paste the chart.


WDApp.Selection.PasteSpecial , , wdInLine, , wdPasteEnhancedMetafile 

Has anyone experienced the same issues? If so, how did you get around it? Also, is it better that I move the chart from a chart sheet after sizing / formatting to a regular sheet and try copying as a chart object instead? I'm hoping I can avoid doing this but not sure if I can.

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