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It seems all the current iOS devices maps to the new iOS 8 size classes nicely except iPad landscape? I seem not able to figure out how to use the size class feature to draw a different scene for iPad landscape (different from iPad portrait)?

Is that intended by design in Apple's mind or am I miss something about the iOS size classes?

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17633678 bug id for this. I'm encountering the same thing, but I think it is by design.

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Have you figured this out? I'm sure it's by design, but I can neither think of why, or how to actually achieve what OP needs (distinct layout for iPad landscape) –  rafalio Jul 25 at 15:01
haven't seen any progress on this either. to help further clarify: iPhone portrait = "compact width, regular height" iPhone landscape = "regular width, compact height" iPad in portrait or landscape = " regular width, regular height" so there's no way to differentiate between them in storyboards using size classes. –  thisispete Sep 8 at 17:44
on second pass it seems that I was misinformed on the iPhone landscape, this post learnswift.io/blog/2014/6/12/… shows iPhone landscape actually gets 'compact width, compact height' to further confuse things.. –  thisispete Sep 8 at 18:06
I cannot understand why the iPhone landscape has compact width as well. It makes no sense, all the logic leads to it being regular width ? Since it has regular height on portrait mode. –  pe60t0 Sep 9 at 15:41
@thisispete in the comments of the link you have provided, there is a solution to the problem of the OP. However, I cannot understand why the same thing cannot be done the way it is done with the iPhone. –  pe60t0 Sep 9 at 16:12

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