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this is the html line where i call the function:

<a href="" onclick="showMe(0);">Oranges</a>

and this is the javascript:

function showMe (whichClass) {

    var fruitShow = document.getElementsByClassName('fruit')[whichClass];

    fruitShow.style.display = 'inline';    

it works when i click the link and displays the fruit but it disappears. When the site loads the fruits are all set to display: none, i'm not sure if its reverting back or something else is going on. I have also tried using return before the function call (return showMe(1);)

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You need to show more code or we can't help you. Try creating a JSFiddle –  jacksondc Jul 7 at 3:00
Is there a question here? What do you want to happen? –  RobG Jul 7 at 3:21

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Clicking the link triggers a reload of the page. Passing an empty value to href is equivalent to using the URL of the current page.

There are a couple of ways to prevent the page from following the link:

  • Change the href value to "#". This will make the page jump scroll to the top though, so you probably have to do the next option either way.

  • Stop the default behavior via event.preventDefault(). The default behavior is to load the URL. You can prevent that via the event object:


    (note: while this works, there are better ways to bind event handlers)

  • Better yet: Don't use a link (since you don't link to anything), use a <button> instead. You can style it anyway you like with CSS.

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haha as im trying to find out how to post html code on this site, you answer my question, thanks –  user3810870 Jul 7 at 3:04
The best ans.. Don't use a link (since you don't link to anything, use a <button> instead.. Thumbs up..To add it to it, javascript:void(0) would also do the job –  Pilot Jul 7 at 3:06
@Pilot javascript:void(0) would also do the job but it's also a bad solution since that javascript is not doing anything there :) –  hex494D49 Jul 7 at 3:17
+1 for "Better yet…". If the OP doesn't want a link, then one shouldn't be used. –  RobG Jul 7 at 3:19

Try changing your anchor href from "" to #.


<a href="" onclick="showMe(0);">Oranges</a> 


<a href="#" onclick="showMe(0);">Oranges</a>
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Simply saying "do this" doesn't answer the quesiton (though, to be fair, the OP didn't actually ask a question). –  RobG Jul 7 at 3:21

Or this

<a href="" onclick="showMe(0);">Oranges</a>

change to this (prevent jumping)

<a href="#void" onclick="showMe(0);">Oranges</a>

Just to have a tip more, but as already pointed out, using a button on this situation is a better solution.

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