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I am following http://openrisc.net/toolchain-build.html to build gcc toolchain for openrisc or32. I'm doing 'building by hand' flow and had passed binutils
stage 1 gcc
install linux headers
and was to do 'compile uClibc' which is composed of commands below.

$ git clone git://openrisc.net/jonas/uClibc  
$ cd uClibc  
$ make ARCH=or32 defconfig  
$ make PREFIX=${SYSROOT}  
$ make PREFIX=${SYSROOT} install  <br>

when I run 'make ARCH=or32 defconfig', I get this error.

CC libpthread/linuxthreads.old/attr.o  
In file included from libpthread/linuxthreads.old/internals.h:30:0,  
             from libpthread/linuxthreads.old/attr.c:26:  
./libpthread/linuxthreads.old/sysdeps/or32/pt-machine.h: In function 'testandset':  
./libpthread/linuxthreads.old/sysdeps/or32/pt-machine.h:41:8: error: '__NR_or1k_atomic' undeclared (first use in this function)  
./libpthread/linuxthreads.old/sysdeps/or32/pt-machine.h:41:8: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in  
In file included from libpthread/linuxthreads.old/../linuxthreads.old_db/proc_service.h:20:0,  
                 from libpthread/linuxthreads.old/../linuxthreads.old_db/thread_dbP.h:9,  
                 from libpthread/linuxthreads.old/internals.h:32,  
                 from libpthread/linuxthreads.old/attr.c:26:  
./include/sys/procfs.h: At top level:  
./include/sys/procfs.h:32:21: fatal error: asm/elf.h: No such file or directory  
compilation terminated.  
make: *** [libpthread/linuxthreads.old/attr.o] Error 1  

Has anybody had same problem? I use CentOS 6.4.

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gcc searches for the header file from the system in the order

libdir/gcc/target/version/include    (libdir was /usr/lib in my case)  

my system had sys/syscall.h under /usr/include so that file was used when sys/syscall under uClib/include should have been used. So I added -nostdinc so that gcc doesn't search the standard include path. Now it became
make PREFIX=${SYSROOT} -nostdinc
and it works!
The following command was also modified
make PREFIX=${SYSROOT} -nostdinc install


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