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As Google has announced Android L is coming with 64 bit Kernel. I want to know what will be the benefits of using 64 bit architecture in Android. If anyone can mention use cases, that will be great.

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same as the difference in 32 and 64 bit of windows – Illegal Argument Jul 7 '14 at 5:00

32-bit allows adressing a maximum of 4GB of RAM | 64-bit can adress much more RAM

64-bit can work with numbers with more decimals which means that software that use really big number are faster in 64-bit.

The biggest benefits for Android would be making it more suitable for use in laptops and computers with touch-screen. Add that to the fact that Good intend to make Android L compatible with x86_64, I guess it wouldn't be too implausible to go in that direction

Benefits for smartphone/tablets would be the potential to run heavier software better.

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