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Agile methodology has a concept of "Just-Enough" documents. In this context, what should be the format/template of Release Notes which will typically need to be Released at the end of every sprint, i.e., end of every 2 weeks.

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Most release notes I usually see are formatted as a list:

  • Implemented feature
  • Improved something
  • Fixed bug

If you use an issue tracker for your project, it's pretty easy to create this list. Simply filter all resolved issues for the released version and pick out what feels important to your users.

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Short Answer: Start with the simplest thing you can, show it to your customers, gather their feedback and adjust for next time.

Longer Answer:

  1. Start with a simple list of the titles of the User Stories you delivered and count of bugs that were fixed.
  2. Show this list as part of the Sprint Review.
  3. Ask the Product Owner and Customers (who should be in attendance) if this information is sufficient? If it is not what additional information do they need?

This will quickly (in a couple of sprints) provides Just Enough documentation.

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