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I have a standard <input /> control on my form, decorated with type="date"

When rendered, it displays the correct watermark of yyyy-mm-dd, and you can select a date correctly.
However, when you try type in a value, the year extends to 6 digits, instead of four. I have added screenshots to help demonstrate the issue I'm having.

Is anyone else getting this? I'm using Chrome ( Version 35.0.1916.153 m ) as my default browser.
I'd like a way to force a 4year input that doesn't involve extra JS.

Date Control

Control Source

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It will let you type a larger year. It wasn't designed with a cap, so to allow years beyond 9999. Not sure why. (note, even with the max attribute, it doesn't appear to restrict it. [edit] .. it may not allow the user to actually submit after entering that larger number.)

You will need to use a JavaScript solution if you want to fully restrict it.

See this previous thread

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Silly, as the mask shows a 4-digit year. So this is happening for everyone? –  SemiDemented Jul 7 at 6:27
@SemiDemented - yes at least for webkit browsers!! –  student Aug 25 at 19:34

the max attribute is working, as far as i know...

the format of max is trickey, if you put the correct format everything will work fine....

see here for example:


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