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I have my Factory which should be called all the time I want an IValidationProgram

public static class Factory{
  public static IValidationProgram CreateProgramA(){
    var program = new ValidationProgram(
       new DependencyA(
         new SubDependencyA(),
         new SubDependencyB(),
       new DependencyB()

I wanted to Register like that:


But I do not get an new instance all the time when IValidationProgram is resolved. I read that I need a typed Factory, but I tried for 2 days without success for my case. All these Dependencies and Subdependencies have an Interface. But I THINK I dont need them for that. If they may help lets name them IDependency and ISubDependency.

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You don't get a new instance because you supply, during the registration, the instance already created instead of let the container create it(suggested behaviour...). IOW: since you use "Instance" during the registration, the specified lifestyle will be simply ignored.

The usual registration should be:


if you really need a factory for you component you may used a TypedFactory or the inline registration UsingFactoryMethod

        .UsingFactoryMethod(kernel => kernel.Resolve<IValidationProgramFactory>().Create())

In that case you may use your instance approach but for the factory only!

   Component.For<IValidationProgramFactory>().Instance(new Factory())
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you saved my day. thanks – Iron Jul 7 '14 at 7:58

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