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I have a simple Debian package that uses the debian/package.init and debian/package.default to install init scripts, and debian/package.ucf to provide (template) config files.

I don't have any overrides in debian/rules and when installing/upgrading the package the procedure follows this order:

  • service is stopped
  • package is installed/upgraded
  • service started
  • UCF invoked

My problem is that if the conf-files are still the default ones that came with the package, they get updated (all good) but then a manual restart/reload of the service is needed to read the new config files.

Is there some debian/rules magic I can invoke to delay the starting of the service until after UCF as (potentially) copied new config files into /etc ?

Many thanks,

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The behavior you are observing is clearly a bug. You should report it. – tripleee Nov 10 '14 at 16:39

Could you try to invoke dh_* scrips in different order? For example, something like this in debian/rules:

    echo "dh_installinit is delayed until dh_ucf is run"

    dh_ucf $@
    dh_installinit $@

This could possibly reorder code snippets genedated by debhelper that will result in desired behaviour.

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