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I got this error when trying to update an image. It was a cross-thread update, but I used .Invoke(), so that shouldn't be the problem, should it.

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(Answering my own question, for others, and for future reference)

I think (not yet entirely sure) that this is because InvokeRequired will always return false if the control has not yet been loaded/shown. I have done a workaround which seems to work for the moment, which is to simple reference the handle of the associated control in its creator, like so:

var x = this.Handle; 

(See - down? cached version)

(Related question:

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If the handle doesn't yet exist, you can force it by subclassing the control and calling CreateHandle; however, the bigger question is: why are you doing things with a form that hasn't been loaded? Personally I'd only start such an operation after Load.

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The form is loaded, but these are controls which are dynamically loaded into a user control which is not yet set to Visible=true, (I think). – Benjol Oct 29 '08 at 9:42

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