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I have following class with an annotation.

public class Person {

    String time;

    @MyAnnotation(inFormat = "hh:mm")
    public void setTime(String time) {
        this.time = time;


setTime is being called in two points,

  1. when I populate object data from DB.
  2. when I set the data taken from UI to Person object.

I have an Aspect defined once it is called it will convert the time to UTC.

@Around(value = "execution(@MyAnnotation * *(..)) ....some more

public Object logMethod(ProceedingJoinPoint joinPoint, String s) throws Throwable {

        return joinPoint.proceed(new Object[]{ s});

It gets executed for both of above mentioned cases. But I want it to be executed only for case 2. Is there a way to achieve this. Thanks.

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look into cflow, and cflowbelow. you can ignore all control flow from the hibernate / some other persistence lib. –  aepurniet Jul 8 '14 at 14:06

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