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This code will create a 3d scene that is 300x300 large. The viewport won't resize when I resize the containing window/stage.

Parent doesn't have any width or height properties. How do I adjust the size of the Parent and/or SubScene to the changing window size?

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bind it to the parent

SubScene subscene = new SubScene(root, 1024, 768, true, null);
StackPane stackPane = new StackPane();
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I found out about that some time ago, but thanks nevertheless. – fho Aug 13 '14 at 12:05

I found it is also important to set the managed property of the SubScene object to false.


This way, the SubScene object's size will not impact the size of its parent StackPane object and resizing will also work when reducing the StackPane object's size.

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With the following approach you can put your SubScene into any class that extends the Pane class (e.g. BorderPane, GridPane, etc.). Also the subScene can have a different size from your Pane:

public class GuiControler extends BorderPane implements Initializable,ChangeListener {

    //Set a changeListener to the Stage's Window and Implement the ChangeListener in the class where you want to make the subScene scaling.



            public void changed(ObservableValue observable, Object oldValue, Object newValue) {
                double width = stage.getWidth();
                double height = stage.getHeight();
                if(observable.equals(this.widthProperty())) {
                    double scale = width / 400; // 400 is my initial width size of the stage (main java app window) window
                    subScene.setWidth(200*scale); // 200 is my initial size of the subscene window
                }else if(observable.equals(this.heightProperty())){
                    double scale = height / 400; // 400 is initial size for stage height window
                    subScene.setHeight(250*scale); // 250 is initial size for subScene width
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