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I have a Raspberry Pi with a small touch display (320x240) which I want to use as a simple user interface for my robot. For this purpose, I am looking for a basic user interface library for C/C++ which allows me to have a very basic mouse supported UI without using any window manager. Unfortunately, a TUI is not a viable option here, because the display is too small to be used comfortably with such a UI. I also want to stay away from libraries that rely on special hardware support, like OpenGL, for now.

Here comes the question: What libraries could to be suited well for building a very basic mouse supported UI for small screens without using any window manager and which do not rely on special hardware support?


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All GUI libraries I know of happily work without window managers. Just create your window with the right size at (0,0) and you are good to go. – n.m. Jul 7 '14 at 9:13
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I recomend SFML or Allegro? It's lightweight graphic lib and should fullfill all your requirements.

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Allegro seems to be basic and lightweight enough. Thank you very much. – xSNRG Jul 7 '14 at 9:45

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