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Sorry for the naming of the title because I don't know how to name this situation. There are three classes A, B and C. Class A need the function of class C. Class B is an instance collection of class C. So the operation should be class A calls the static method of class B to get the instance of class C.

//in class A 
Class C = B.getCInstance("[instance name]")

Then what is the relationship between class A, B and C in UML? When I draw a UML class diagram, should I need to build all of the relationship between A, B and C? for example:

  1. A class A uses a class B.
  2. A class B has A class C.
  3. A class A has A class C.
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According the definition of the UML Usage dependency, I would say that class A uses both Class B and C and Class B uses Class C as depicted below enter image description here

A Usage is a Dependency in which one NamedElement requires another NamedElement (or set of NamedElements) for its full implementation or operation. The Usage does not specify how the client uses the supplier other than the fact that the supplier is used by the definition or implementation of the client.

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