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I am new to Cluster computing using Parallel Python.

I am working on a huge data-set which is being read from an Excel file locally. After this a function is called, which is passed to the job server of the pp module.

When I run the server on nodes which are connected to the same network. (able to ping each other). It is not sending/distributing the work to the remote node.

I ran the ppserver.py on the remote node using:

python ppserver.py -d -a -b

And in the code,

ppservers = ("","",)

job_server = pp.Server(ppservers=ppservers,ncpus=0)

where the other IP address in ppservers are the IP address of thew two remote nodes.

How do I run the program on both the nodes (local and remote) in parallel?

The code running on my local machine takes around 100 seconds to execute even for small data-sets, however I have a lot of nodes available to use.

UPDATE: Now the client is able to see the two nodes on which the ppserver.py is running. However, now it only executes the task on ONE remote node at time. As soon as I close the server on the remote node being used, it starts executing the code on the other. How can I run the code on both simultaneously?

Note: I have set the local workers as 0.

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