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Using the default built-in collision animator of Irrlicht I have found out that it works only on one side of the polygons of my geometry.

I have used the following code:

selector = smgr->createOctreeTriangleSelector(
                q3node->getMesh(), q3node, 128);
ICameraSceneNode* camera =
        smgr->addCameraSceneNodeFPS(0, 100.0f, .3f, ID_IsNotPickable, 0, 0, true, 3.f);
ISceneNodeAnimator* anim = smgr->createCollisionResponseAnimator(
            selector, camera, core::vector3df(30,50,30),
            core::vector3df(0,-10,0), core::vector3df(0,30,0));

Moreover I have noticed that the geometry is not textured on the other side.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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The concept of disabling the other side of the polygons is called Backface Culling

To disable it on your geometry do the following before performing any other actions:

q3node->setMaterialFlag(EMF_BACKFACE_CULLING, false);
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Thanks for your answer, where should I put it exactly? –  ouphi Jul 7 '14 at 10:08
Before creating your selector –  Valentin Mercier Jul 7 '14 at 10:09

Alternatively you may make your geometry with normals on both sides. This would even make irrlicht do less computations. No need to disable the blackface culling then.

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