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I am converting double number into string but i am not getting as it is. following is my code and result:

double d = 123456789123.0;
String test = String.valueOf(d);


InString :1.23456789123E11

expected result: 123456789123.0

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try this. String test = d+""; –  Mehul Kaklotar Jul 7 at 9:53
i have to convert into string not only printing, conversion does this –  Sarz Jul 7 at 10:01

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Try this:

    NumberFormat nf = new DecimalFormat("000000000000.0");
    String test = nf.format(d);
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Works fine but have to change NumberFormat into DecimalFormat –  Sarz Jul 7 at 9:58

Consider NumberFormat class from standard java library.

Use it's methods to format a double value.

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