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For example VK_LEFT, VK_DELETE, VK_ESCAPE, VK_RETURN, etc. How and where are they declared? Are they constants, #defines, or something else? Where do they come from?

If possible, please provide a file name/path where they are declared. Or some other info as specific as possible.

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These are declared using #define in the file winuser.h in the Platform SDK. In my installation of Visual Studio 2008, the full path is

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Include\WinUser.h
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There are also online copies of winuser.h , very handy sometimes :

A bit of googling will get you more of those.

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To find how something is declared, install Visual Assist, put the cursor over the identifier in you code and press Alt+G
Or, right click over the identifier and choose "Go To Definition"
Or press F12

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These are macro-defined constants, declared in winuser.h. To find where something is declared or defined you can read its documentation (Microsoft includes a section at the end, in Unix man pages it appears in the beginning), or go to the directory where the headers are and grep for the thing you're looking for.

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