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Since, AutoLayout enables to define dynamic GUIs.In iphone-4, the screen appears as:320x480.png For the boxes 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,5 and 6 their CGRect should satisfy the 'x/2' and 'y/2' constraints in all the iphone and ipad as shown.

Is this feasible to achieve it by only specifying constraints available in xib? If yes, please enlighten our thought :)

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it may be a typo: y/3 instead...? –  holex Jul 7 at 10:03

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Yes, this is possible. Make sure each view has an equal width and equal height constraint to all the others (you can refer them all back to a single view for simplicity).

Then, pin them either to the superview edges or the edges of each other, as appropriate.

Using VFL to express the constraints, you want something like:



You can add all of these constraints in interface builder using the pinning menus.

If you're not familiar with VFL, the first line means:

  • H: on the horizontal axis
  • |: superview's leading edge
  • [one]... pin leading edge of one to superview
  • [two(==one)] ... pin leading edge of two to trailing edge of one, and make it the same width
  • | ... Pin trailing edge of two to trailing edge of superview.
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Damn, got there before me again :D –  Fogmeister Jul 7 at 10:20
can you please explain with interface builder?... –  Gauging Jul 7 at 12:11
Which part are you having trouble with? I've written about the pinning menus and adding constraints here, if that helps: commandshift.co.uk/blog/2014/03/10/… –  jrturton Jul 7 at 13:40
can you please Describe V:|[one][three(==one)][five(==one)]| and V:|[two(==one)][four(==one)][six(==one)]|..thanku –  Gauging Jul 8 at 7:12
Added some explanation. –  jrturton Jul 8 at 19:07

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