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I am currently developing a GDK app and part of it requires I get an altitude reading. Currently I am using the GPS location on my phone to get an altitude reading but of course it is not super accurate (due to the fact it is a GPS altitude reading).

The use case of the app involves climbing mountains and/or exploring unknown places so I assume the user probably doesn't have an internet connection which means most of the time doing a LatLong look up against known altitudes is not going to work.

Most of the new top end android phones now include barometers (Sensor.TYPE_PRESSURE) which can provide accurate altitude readings given the pressure at sea level of the current area but I couldn't find anyway to access the sensors on the phone via the Glass GDK. It seems like I can only access the local sensor(s) (which seems to just be the ambient light sensor). The locationManager can see remote providers such as the phone GPS. Is it possible to get Glass to read values off connected devices such as my phone?

I suppose I could set up my own bluetooth connection to the phone via an app and send it from the phone directly but this seems like a massive hack. If remote sensors are not supported at the moment is it likely we will see them soon in the GDK?

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I am not sure why the altitude reading you want via GPS is "not accurate" enough (see the GetAltitude app in Google Play store play.google.com/store/apps/…). Using the GDK location APIs you should be able to get similar information. Getting barometric pressure and trying to convert into an altitude would be greatly impacted by weather (a low pressure system would create a problem .. right?). –  ErstwhileIII Jul 10 at 10:59

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