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My class creates PharData archives for me. The name of the archive isn't known to all functions of the class. Basically I have an outline like this:

public function doStuff(\PharData $bundle)
    $file = //someFile

    $this->db->update($file is in $bundle->getName(????));

The only way to get access to the bundles name as far as i can tell is the getAlias() function of the $bundle variable. However this gives me the fully qualified filename and I would need to manually basename($bundle->getAlias()).

I'm really wondering if there's no way in the PharData class to get the actual archive filename itself.

I do NOT need the name of the files inside the archive, really all I need is to get access to the filename of the archive itself. I just don't know how reliant the getAlias() really is since it's name is quite confusing.

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You could store own data with PharData::setMetadata() method. So you can store the filename in PHARs meta data and get it again at some later point with the PharData::getMetadata() method.

Set it like this:

$bundle->setMetaData(array('bundleFileName' => 'your_bundle.phar'));

So you could then get it in your method like this:

public function doStuff(\PharData $bundle)
    $metaData = $bundle->getMetaData();
    $file     = //some File


    $this->db->update($file is in $bundle->getMetadata['bundleFileName']);

But I think if you design your class properly you don't need this ugly workaround.

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Hm, i guess this works in my case at least for this information :) Thanks for this. I'll edit your answer a bit to showcase better what I'm actually doing ;) – Sam Jul 7 '14 at 10:56

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